NMRtools is a family-owned business, registered in Billerbeck, Germany. It  develops and sells products for safer, more efficient and cost effective NMR laboratory operations.


Having worked with NMR since 1982, Hans-Jochen Hauswald established NMRtools in 2016 to turn his insights into products that support a modern laboratory working environment.


His broad experience includes NMR services, advice, maintenance, repair and training in the field of liquid and solid state NMR such as: hardware service for Bruker high resolution and solid state NMR spectrometers of the D and Avance series, magnet service, cryoservice, BACS sample changer maintenance and repair, BCU maintenance and repair, system tests, training in the field of high resolution, open-access operation, helium recovery, solid state NMR / operator training.


As one of the first products he developed NMR Spinnerclamp® to increase the safety for users and spectrometers especially in open-access operation, working independently without an operator. Spinnerclamp® is a NMR accessory that improves spinner grip resp. prevents tubes from slipping. There are different clamps for each diameter, i.e., 3, 4 or 5mm NMR tubes. Spinnerclamp® adjust to all NMR tubes for a tight fit. Experience shows that even economy grade tubes will be handled more safely and efficiently.


Since their development, Spinnerclamps® are, similar to other NMRtools products, in use at the Ruhr-University Bochum’s Rubiospek NMR (http://www.rub.de/bionmr) which is lead by Prof. Dr. Raphael Stoll.

NMRtools SPinnerclamps®

Designed for a safer, more efficient and cost-effective NMR laboratory working environment