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2.2 m,  -200°C bis +150°C


Reducing NMR downtime

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Our LN2-Hose is a high-tech product developed for a safe LN2 handling in NMR laboratories.


Compared to conventional solutions it offers:

Increased safety through minimized risk of burning
Optimized efficiency through less filling losses
Reducing NMR downtime and thus better user experience


Double safety from sudden rupture due to 3 hoses, outer protective hose with glass fiber reinforcement

Curved hose end to prevent unintentional kinking

Superisolation without vacuum



Technical data: 

Length: 2200 mm
Inner diameter: 8 mm
Outer diameter: 26 mm
Wall thickness inner hose: 1 mm
Weight of the hose: 980g
Working pressure: max. 1 bar

Temperature range: -200°C bis +150°C
Service life: 5 years

Hose outlet consists of a Ptfe slip-on nozzle with 12.5 mm; use of an adapter is recommended


NMRtools LN2-Hose is made in Germany.


What users say: 

“The NMR service facility of the Faculty of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the Ruhr University Bochum, Germany, has successfully introduced the NMRtools LN2-Hose in 2019/2020.


We are extremely pleased with its performance as it provides a high level of handling security as well as a much higher insulation than conventional transfer lines. By using the much better insulated LN2-Hose we have been able to prevent about 20% N2 loss during magnet filling.


That is why we have now purchased a total of three of NMRtools LN2-Hoses to expedite N2 filling.


We can only highly recommend this product as – in our hands – it has made a tremendous positive impact on improving the NMR service procedures by reducing NMR downtime and thus better user experience.”


Prof. Dr. Raphael Stoll